Meet Sharon

Trust is to human relationships what faith is to gospel living. It is the beginning place, the foundation upon which more can be built.

Where trust is, love can flourish. – Barbara Smith

Hi friend! I am so honored you’re here! Can we get to know one another? Allow me to begin.

~My Roots~

Childhood in Maine

Life was simple in the small paper mill town where I grew up.  Trusting others was second nature and relationships were easy.

My hardworking parents created a safe and loving environment for my two younger brothers and me in our home in Maine. When I was eleven, Mom achieved high honors in nursing school, and Dad’s long work days sometimes brought him home just in time to catch The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, while he snacked on crackers and canned sardines.

My Grammy loved books and cooking perfect meals; my Grampy’s work ethic led him to work two jobs. Mémère taught me about baking breads and pastries, while Pépère quietly taught me about loving the Lord.

Food and Hospitality

Mom tells me I cut my first tooth on a lobster claw (pronounced lobstah—as Mainers believe the letter “r” is overrated). As a child, I remember my Grammy cooking dandelion greens and seafood while I helped my Grampy harvest tiny cukes and baby carrots from the garden. We’d go inside, wash them and crunch into their crisp freshness. Whenever I eat fiddleheads, steamed clams or lobster, I am brought back to my freckled, pixie-haired youth.

Rest and Writing

While my native state is known as “Vacationland,” I struggle to embrace a vacation mindset; rather I remain a workaholic multi-tasker—known to spring out of bed before the break of dawn and end up exhausted by early evening after a full day of spinning from laundry to dishes to dusting, off to my job as oncology nurse, and then spending a few evenings a week engaged in my church’s ministries. In between rounds, I turn to writing for this blog and other places. It has always been my dream to write and encourage others.

I love words, good books, long conversations and the beauty of nature. I try to preserve what I see by snapping pictures, however, my husband is surpassing me in skill. The Pine Tree State sweet-talks me to into rest—among its flourishing forests, craggy coastlands and lucent lakes and streams. I love kayaking through a glassy calm, as loons wail out across the still of time and stir my soul. Rest replenishes my body and spirit. I try to preserve what I experience through writing and what I see by snapping pictures.

Marriage and Relationships

I am married to my best friend Andy, who can fix anything, including any of my cranky moods. Most often, he can make me laugh and always make me smile. He was the first to look long enough into my hazel eyes—and see deep into my heart.

We each have two children from prior marriages. Estrangement has assaulted our lives and emptied the extra bedrooms in our home. Through this, we have learned not to squander the many blessings around us. When I get brave, I write about this.


My dog Moxie was named not after the official soft drink of Maine, but for his courage, spirit and daring. He loves life and lives full of attitude and perseverance. He has seen me through bleak days and shown me how to live strong.

~My Unfurling~

I am a writer, oncology nurse and Christian with a passion for how our stories connect and heal us. The Holy Spirit guides me as I write about relationships, faith and forgiveness, redemptive perspectives, hospitality and life.

During my lifetime, I have repeatedly asked myself why relationships and life can be so hard.

No, they haven’t always been easy for me either.

Come Closer

I am mom of two estranged adult sons whom I have missed for many years. My 30-month divorce resulted in their estrangement. My parents and siblings were also rejected. Many of our friends made decisions of avoidance for their very personal reasons.

Snuffed out by assumptions and accusations, betrayals and rejections, I wondered if I could ever trust again – even myself. It brought me face-to-face with the sting of loneliness and isolation as I lost faith in people, myself and God.

A Pivotal Moment

It was Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 5:30 pm and time to wrap up another workday at the cancer center. Our last chemotherapy patient inched her away out the door.

I tried to hide the aching emotional pain the holidays carved into my heart, and onto my face – lines that would never go away. My friend and co-worker, Arlene, could see them clearly, for she knew my story. The death of these relationships was killing me.

We sat alone in the dimly lit reception area. We talked. I cried. The illuminated red EXIT sign urged me to leave this dark season of my life behind.

Arlene dared to help me see things from a different perspective. “Your pain is serving you a purpose right now; it is your way of holding onto your sons. Is this how you want to be with them emotionally?”

It took courage for Arlene to invest in our relationship. She dared to help me see things with a different perspective. In that beginning place, I dared to start trusting again.

Unfortunately, many people carry the emotional pain of broken or abandoned relationships. We suffer in silence. Isn’t it time to shed the shame and break the silence?

~Welcome to My Imperfect Blessed Life~

My conversation with Arlene prompted me to work with a life coach, who was able to help me build on the changed perspective. The biggest shift? Accepting the Lord back into my heart changed my life.

I wish I could tell you that I am on the other side, that with faith and moxie my fractured relationships are reconciled, all my problems resolved. Instead, I sit here beside you—working through some of the very same issues as you.

If my stories speak to one person, I feel joy knowing that everything He has done in me has potential to help others, and nothing is going to waste. I don’t think God meant for us to waste any of our experiences. He wants us to use them for good.

What I can tell you is that you can find peace and joy beyond the tensions in your life.

Maybe you have to start by trusting, and touch a heart.

Please join me. The best is yet to come.


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My life experiences—especially the events leading towards my healing—taught me to view things from a different perspective. Seeing life from this new place, my writing took form. I found joy amidst the tensions of life, and began to grow in the Spirit and trust the journey. Whether you’ve arrived here from depths of great struggle, you’re operating from a space of healing and health, or you’re somewhere in between, I welcome you! I hope you find this to be a community of encouragement and source of hope. Won’t you come along?

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