An Unexpected Comfort

img_0125An Unexpected Comfort 

October skies thin.
Carnal colors fall
at my feet.

Nature’s busy needles knit
glowing cloaks of color,
embroidered in piercing reds.

Blueberry barrens shed sanguine,
in the distant patch.
Ripened winterberries crochet bobbles
in autumn’s ebbing fields.
A crown of bare branches
howls to reach the sun.

Whispers of cold ripple in the wind,
as ashen bits of life cast upon the land;

This piercing, ebbing,
thinning, falling
draws me in—

brings unexpected comfort.


(Photos by Sharon A Gibbs)


  • Donna
    6 years ago

    Nice one Sharon. I recognize the pictures. Great date. I look forward to writing more myself. I think I’ll develop the pictures, then scrapbook them with a poem. The idea of a blog creeps me out.

    • Sharon A Gibbs
      6 years ago

      Thanks Donna. Yes. A great time, indeed. I look forward to hearing more of your poems.

  • 6 years ago

    Your photography is gorgeous.

    (And, oh! The reds of that field. Enchanting.)

    • Sharon A Gibbs
      6 years ago

      Thank you, LL Barkat. I think autumn in Maine is my favorite time of year.

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