Sacred Marriage: An Invitation

Eight years ago when Andy and I exchanged our wedding vows on the June shores of Snow Pond, we pledged to pursue a Christ-centered marriage. As we slipped gold on one another’s ring fingers, we promised to uphold what we call “The Three C’s:” a marriage secured in Commitment, Communication and Christ.

We also agreed to attend a marriage retreat each year and maintain a heart to continually improve our marriage. What we didn’t anticipate was to be called to host our church’s DivorceCare support group.

Both of us previously divorced, we knew how deep the pain cuts, how long the anger simmers and how foggy the future feels. And so, we had a heart for helping these hurting people.

During the thirteen-week series, I began to crave more for my already happy marriage. One afternoon, I googled the names of the divorce experts featured in the DivorceCare DVD, hoping to find resources on marriage. After all, if these people were experts in divorce, maybe they were experts in marriage, too.

While I read a review on Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas, Andy emailed a link to me during his lunch break. My mouse clicked open his email to see the image of the same book I was considering. The book arrived in our mailbox three days later—thanks to Amazon Prime.

Within the first few pages, I began to learn the truth about love and marriage. Click To Tweet.

Gary Thomas writes:

“Sacred Marriage doesn’t tell you how to build a better marriage; it shows you how your marriage can help you deepen your relationship with God. From the practice of forgiveness, to the ecstasy of lovemaking, to the history you and your spouse create together, everything about marriage is filled with the potential for discovering and revealing Christ’s character.”

He continues: “We need to learn to love with God’s love instead of just trying harder.”

Won’t you join me on this journey? I’ll be writing about Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas every Saturday. We have fourteen chapters to cover, so we’ll do two chapters a week, for a total of seven weeks. We begin on February 20.

Come and learn more about going beyond marriage—and find enrichment that will help you love your God—and spouse more.







  • Donna Rossignol
    7 years ago

    Thank you Sharon . I finally found your site through fb. I plan to follow along although I can’t do the study right now.

    • Sharon A Gibbs
      7 years ago

      Glad you arrived! You are welcome to read the posts and contribute to the conversations. Look forward to hearing your insight.

  • Jessica Galán (@MalleableHeart)
    7 years ago

    I remarried my husband, Sharon–we are a restoration project. Thank you for your candor and commitment to being a change agent for healed relationships. Bless you new friend, Jess

    • Sharon A Gibbs
      7 years ago

      Jess, I admire couples who are able to remarry their ex’s. The personal growth, forgiveness and trust you bring to the relationship speaks volumes.
      (A friend of mine remarried her ex over the summer. After several years apart, they started seeing each other again, attended The Art of Marriage conference and remarried seven months later.)
      I’d say you, too, are a change agent for healed relationships. 🙂
      Peace and Blessings, My Friend

  • 7 years ago

    Hi Sharon! I’ve not been divorced (by paperwork and a court system), but sometimes detachment feels like it. I look forward to your upcoming posts in this series.

    (It’s good to “see” you, friend.)

    May God bless you as you shine Him.

    • Sharon A Gibbs
      7 years ago

      Darlene, you are so right! Detachment does feel like divorce. (Sigh.)

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