The Legend of the Moccasin Flower

Play It Forward, a Tweetspeak Poetry writing workshop, encourages us to incorporate play into our writing and personal life. My recent visit near a wooded area resulted in photos and some writing fun.

The Legend of the Moccasin Flower

Indians named you
“Moccasin Flower” after a
doomed girl lost her shoes

through snowbound hardship,
she suffered in search of cures
for her infirmed tribe

her bloodied footprints,
replaced by pure pink flowers,
honor her efforts

now, ballet slippers
beneath pines and red maples
rise from mossy floors

soft-bodied bellies
grace the carpet of darkness
the shy breeze blushes

blossoms like pink lungs
breathe color in the forest—
full lips kiss June air

memories of her
reach for cracking licks of light
with dreams of new life



(Photos by Sharon A Gibbs.)

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