5 Truths About Life Regrets and How to Find Hope

knotted ropeAt the café table, I fiddled with my iPhone as I waited for my long-lost friend.

My thoughts travelled to the morning’s drive when I noticed how the barren gray twigs aspired to swell and brown sloshy fields appealed to green. A hard relationship anticipated similar renewal.

This overcast April day provided a sprig of hope—and a place to grow. I hoped the relationship would experience the same energizing life.

We spotted each other and instinctively embraced—not just each other, but our lost friendship, the past fourteen years, and the regrets we would later serve over lunch.

I had prepared to politely share history without resurrecting regrets, never thinking we’d be so comfortable and open. Hesitancies, hindrances, and human errors eased out on the table.

Later that evening, I reflected on my regrets: chances not taken and words not spoken, decisions not made and dreams not pursued, and the relationships not in my life.

Regret teaches us a lot, if we allow it.

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  • Cheryl Morin
    6 years ago

    You are incredible Sharon. I hope we can sit and talk some day!! Much love to you

    • Sharon A Gibbs
      6 years ago

      Thank you, but I’m not incredible—just learning and discovering.
      I would love to get together!
      Let’s connect offline.

  • Crystal
    6 years ago

    Sharon, I truly treasure our renewed friendship and look forward to many talks, walks and enjoying what life hands us. Your writing inspires my life and my relationship with all that surrounds me. Always your friend, Crystal

    • Sharon A Gibbs
      6 years ago

      So happy you read the post! (and commented). I found hope that day as I looked regret square in the eye. We do the best we can and must be kind to ourselves. I am so pleased that we reconnected, and a new season is before us. Blessings

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