Lessons in Physical Education


Lessons in Physical Education 

Lines of freshmen girls
intersect at the locker room door,
making way to second period Phys. Ed.

The class between geometry and English
serves as a lesson in measuring up…
of physiques and feats.

As bellbottoms and bodysuits fall to the floor,
my eyes search the perimeter,
hoping no one looks at parts I uncover.

My concepts of congruence
are thrown off balance when girls
as perfect as Breck girls flaunt by.

It’s impossible to stay on the same plane as others
in angles of comparisons and lack of confidence.

Still, we go out on the field
and try to score.

It wasn’t until years later when
I solved the equation—
No one wins this game.


(Photo by via  techgeekteacher at Flickr, used with permission under the Creative Commons License.)


  • Donna Rossignol
    5 years ago

    Love this one two. Big part of the reason I never did much in Phys. Ed. class. I was very self-conscious and never thought I could do anything as well as others.

    I think my friend Freddi Ladd would enjoy your blog. Could you invite her and remind her you’ve come to writer’ s group before. freddi211@roadrunner.com.

    • Sharon A Gibbs
      5 years ago

      Hey Donna, It does carry quite a universal theme. The comparison game is a no-win. We win when we come to realize this. It’s too bad it sometimes takes years to learn it. xo

  • Ellen
    5 years ago

    Nice one, Sharon. What an awkward time in a young girl’s life. Most of of have put those looker room days in the back of our minds. Somehow, it’s easier to be a grown up!

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